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1. Is That A…

Clearly no one floated this pool floating bed idea by any women. While shopping at a local store, a Walmart customer spotted this pool accessory that made her do a double take — chiefly because it looked more than a bit like something that Walmart shoppers can find a few aisles over.

Twitter/People of Walmart

The pool accessory even included a design that closely resembles that famous blue dye featured on women’s sanitary product commercials, so we have to hand it to whoever made this for keeping to an accurate theme. We are just sitting here hoping that this “flotation device” does not have any leaks.

2. Wigging Out

Sometimes, things that we’d normally be seeing on a daily basis still manage to make us all do a double take. But then there are some things that we see where we can’t help but wonder to ourselves: “What in the world is that?” And this sight that one Walmart shopper saw would definitely fall into the latter category.

Twitter/People of Walmart

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just a very, very tall young man that is towering over other shoppers while wearing an animal on his head. TBD as to whether he brought his own wig or just picked it up in the store, but let’s just say that this is one style that we hope does not catch on.

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Sometimes in the middle of a shopping trip, even at Walmart, many people would much rather be sleeping than having to finish checking the items off of their long grocery list. But most of us are not so lucky. Well, most of us, with the exception of this kid.

A patron at Walmart stealthily snapped this picture of a not-so-enthused fellow shopper at Walmart. But does it count as a shopper if the person is asleep? We have to say that this kid looks like he will have a bright future. It definitely takes some thinking outside of the box to recognize that the bottom of a shopping cart can double as possibly the most uncomfortable bed ever.

4. Cat’s Not Out Of The Bag

When we talk about the people of Walmart, apparently we have to include all of the people of Walmart’s pets. Sometimes the pets that the people of Walmart bring to their favorite superstore are just as entertaining as their owners. Take, for example, this man, who could not bear a shopping trip without his favorite feline friend.

Twitter/People of Walmart

Luckily for this man’s apparent separation anxiety, he has the perfect solution in the form of a completely see-through cat backpack. Needless to say, we’re far from being jealous of this cramped kitty. From what we can tell, he or she seems more than a little unimpressed.

5. Ratman and Robin

6. Not A Hair Out Of Place

We know one Walmart shopper who will probably never ever get a cold shoulder, and that shopper would definitely be this gentleman. Someone visiting a Walmart sent this photo to the Twitter account called People of Walmart because this shopper could not believe what they saw wandering through the aisles.

Twitter/People of Walmart

On a presumably warm day, this man decided he would wear his nicest tank top shirt to show everyone what he is working with. And Walmart shoppers definitely got an eyeful that day. No, that’s not a pair of furry shoulder pads, although we wish that was the case. Suns out, guns out, right?

7. Shop The Look

The character known as Mystique is from the world of Marvel Comics. And in this world, Mystique is a yellow-eyed, blue-skinned shapeshifter who is able to morph herself to be able to exactly resemble any person in the world, from their looks to their exact voice.

Twitter/People of Walmart

Sounds like a strange world, right? Well, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, especially at Walmart. So just imagine this one Walmart shopper and X-Men fan’s surprise when she spotted her favorite fictional character standing right there in the aisles shopping for groceries. But we guess that it makes sense that supervillains shop at superstores.

8. Walking Down The Aisles

Meet Tammi and Gerome Taylor, who met to celebrate their marriage surrounded by friends, family, and a couple dozen people of Walmart — shoppers and cashiers included. Yes, they made the choice to say their vows right next to the Walmart self-checkout line.

Twitter/People of Walmart

But there’s actually a kind of cute story behind this otherwise strange sight. The two had met at the Walmart self-checkout counter about 10 years before the ceremony took place, and they actually got married shortly after (that time it was not at a Walmart). So when it came time to renew their vows, they wanted to take it back to where it all began.

9. Stocking Stuffer

The holiday season is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. And while images around that season each year show shoppers at Walmart pushing through Black Friday crowds and elbowing their way to the best deals, sometimes other images show us that superstores are not all that bad during the holidays.

Twitter/People of Walmart

If anyone needed proof of the cheer of the holiday season, just take a look at this man in his outfit that we can only assume is the one he saves only for special occasions. From the pink stockings, to his matching purse and dress, to the random inclusion of a Santa hat, we are here for this brand of holiday cheer.

10. Missed A Spot

The people of Walmart are some of the smartest and best shoppers around. They are usually fairly savvy, and you can generally count on them to be eager and willing to do what it takes to get the best deals, even if that means pitching a tent outside of the superstore overnight.

Twitter/People of Walmart

So one can only assume what had happened to this man who was spotted sporting a pretty unique haircut while doing some of his shopping at Walmart. But if we were to guess, we would say that he tried to save a few dollars and give himself a haircut. The only issue is that it seems like he may well have missed a spot.

11. Let Me See That Thong

Doesn’t it suck when someone gets caught with their pants down? Usually, that is just a phrase, but in this case, it is exactly what happened at one person’s local Walmart. And when his pants were down, the other shoppers around were able to see a little bit more than they bargained for.

Twitter/People of Walmart

With a bold and brassy underwear choice, this Walmart shopper joins the ranks of people like actor Tom Holland, who has admitted to wearing a thong to play the role of Spider Man when he had to wear a latex suit. But this man does not seem to have that excuse. People of Walmart, you do you — never change.

12. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

In Walmart, it always feels like Christmas time, at least for the people of Walmart. The deals that are found at the superstore daily make every day feel like a gift-giving holiday. But one shopper decided to take this notion a little bit too literally.

Twitter/People of Walmart

One shopper seized the opportunity to take this photo of a Walmart customer making his way through the aisles dressed head to toe as Santa Claus himself. Apparently, in this modern-day tale Santa has replaced his sleigh with a more efficient option. But no matter if he is coming down the chimney or down aisle three, this Santa came to slay.

13. Cleanup in Aisle…This Guy?

A lot of weird things happen within the four walls of a Walmart. Sometimes, even the strangest scenes will not even warrant a double take in this wacky superstore. But this photo has us looking at least twice to figure out what is going on here.

Twitter/People of Walmart

It appears that this loyal Walmart shopper decided to bring his special friend with him to do some shopping. After all, why not bring a live, loud, sharp-taloned parrot to help with groceries? Well, here’s one reason why not: it seems that this particular parrot had an accident all the way down this man’s back. Yeah, that’s not a great look.

14. Can I Help You?

We will forever be impressed with the grocery store employees who know exactly where every item is in the store, down to the aisle and the shelf. And at Walmart, where anyone can find just about everything, it becomes quite a bit harder for a shopper to locate exactly what they need. Luckily, there are employees there to help.

Twitter/People of Walmart

But we assume that the job can be a little bit exhausting, especially around holidays where every shopper seems to be in search of the same exact product. This Walmart employee thought of a clever way to answer everyone’s burning Thanksgiving question, and the answer is in aisle five.

15. A New Leash On Life

There has been a stereotype catching on over the last few years. It seems that a lot of people outside of the United States now assume that it is commonplace for Americans to keep their children attached to leashes. The stereotype has been shown in US movies, and somewhere along the line, people assumed this was now standard practice.

Twitter/People of Walmart

But while it might not be so common to see children running around on leashes, this photo proves that this perceived “trend” is not just limited to toddlers. Apparently, adults in Walmart need to be put under a certain level of control.

16. Precious Cargo

Let’s be clear, the wonders of the people of Walmart are not just limited to the inside portion of the store. No, the spectacles can also be found all the way outside in the parking lot. And there’s no telling what one might find parked outside of their local Walmart.

Twitter/People of Walmart

That theory was proven once again when one Walmart lover was walking around the parking lot and spotted something strange in someone’s car. Sitting right there in the passenger’s seat was a baby goat. Yes, that’s right, a baby goat, hanging out in the Walmart parking lot. Nothing to see here?

17. An Unexpected Shopper

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, more commonly referred to by its nickname the T. Rex, was known to be one of the most ferocious of the dinosaurs. Before they all became extinct, they were carnivores with voracious appetites that dominated the top of the food chain in their era.

Twitter/People of Walmart

Experts say that a T. Rex was known to eat large dinosaurs and even had the ability to eat small dinosaurs in as little as one bite. But nowadays, things are a little bit different. Apparently, the T. Rex now shops in the organic section of their local Walmart as they look over some attractive fruits and vegetables, their tail worn elegantly to floor-length.

18. Bed Head

It has become an inside joke among the people who love Walmart the most. Everyone goes in there to buy that one thing that they need, and then they leave with a cart full of random stuff that they did not even know existed before they entered the store.

Twitter/People of Walmart

And while Walmart does supply pretty large shopping carts, sometimes even those are not enough for the size of our shopping hauls. That would certainly seem to be the case for this Walmart shopper, who could not fit this mattress into her cart and decided to balance it on her own head. We give this one a gold medal for form.

19. A Store Suspended In Time

We ask everyone that enters a Walmart to suspend their disbelief. There is truly nothing that is impossible at Walmart. In this case, we ask everyone to take everything that they ever thought about suspenders and throw it out the window. We’ve seen the future of suspenders and now we cannot unsee it.

Twitter/People of Walmart

One shopper at Walmart walked by this man who was having a bit of trouble keeping his jeans up, but luckily he snagged the perfect solution. Who needs a belt when they can just buy a five-pronged set of suspenders? Sure, it looks absolutely ridiculous, but we bet those pants aren’t moving an inch.

20. Tattoo Much Going On Here

When everyone in a store is looking for the best deals, it can be a dog-eat-dog world. Shoppers can never really know when someone is being nice and helpful, or when a shopper is really just a two-faced bargain hunter.

Twitter/People of Walmart

But when it comes to this man, he takes the idea of being two-faced to a whole new level. With all of his tattoos, it might be hard to spot what we are talking about. So take a look at the back of this man’s head and see his very, well, unique ink. Be right back, it’s time for us to all go have nightmares now.

21. Walmart Store Rock

Elvis Presely ruled the music scene back in the 1950s. Sadly, just as he was slowing and falling off the charts, he passed away. Many believe he went into hiding and sought out a life of quiet or was abducted by aliens. Truth be told, the King just walked into a Walmart and found no reason to leave.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

One can’t be certain what Walmart he walked into, but it seems that he fell perfectly into Walmart’s crowd of troubled weirdos. Luckily for him, Walmart has everything to sustain a life. He never really has to walk out into the public again.

22. Santa Claus Is Coming To Walmart

When Santa isn’t screaming at elves and riling up the reindeer, he throws on his home clothes and takes a sleigh ride into the city. From the looks of it, his holiday spirit melts away pretty quick when he’s dealing with people at his local Walmart and if things get tough, he has Mrs. Claus there for backup.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

Rumor actually has it that he fired his elf toy makers years ago. Now he just hits up Walmarts all year long and buys his toys in bulk. With Walmart’s prices, he probably saves a lot of money over the holiday season. We’re sure he’s added a few new wings to his mansion.

23. Giant Elderly Woman

While at first glance this lady definitely looks like someone that would make you shudder if you see her in a dark alley, she can actually come in handy. If you can’t reach something off the top shelf, you’re in luck if you happen to be the presence of this giant elderly woman.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

You can be assured, if this is your grandmother, none of the Walmarters are going to cut in front of you in line. We can totally picture her picking up someone with one hand and tossing them across the store with one arm. This is the grandma to have.

24. Walmart Jailbreak

We hope that this woman broke out of prison and went to Walmart for some new clothes. That said, maybe a JC Penny would have been a better place to escape to, as Walmart clothing definitely won’t look much better than the stuff that she has on.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

While jailbreak wasn’t likely the result of her clothes, one has to think what she was wondering. This young lady put that on, looked in the mirror and thought it looked pretty good. Note to anyone who wears clothes, the goal is to have a matching outfit, not to have an outfit that is matched.

25. God Save The Walmart

Much like Elvis, Sid Vicious also seems to have dodged his growing fame for a life inside of Walmart. He already was somewhat of an extreme character, so he’d fit in perfectly within Walmart culture. Walmart is pretty much the wild west of retail stores. The punk rock lifestyle would thrive in such a store.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

Maybe when horrible people pass on, they just end up in Walmart. While some people love it, it could easily be one of the floors of hell. Spend one hour inside of a Walmart and you’re definitely see something bizarre. By the time you walk out, your brain feels a little scrambled.

26. Haircuts Of Walmart

This haircut may have been a hip thing 40 years ago or even 30 years ago, but now the mullet is just questionable. We’re sure someone in 1986 told him that he had nice hair and he figured it was the haircut to take with him through the decades.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

As of the ‘20s, this is just a haircut that screams out to the masses that he’s a Walmart shopper. Funny how you only ever see these wild kinds of haircuts in a Walmart. We’re almost certain that he just vanishes the minute he walks out the door and then reappears somewhere else inside of Walmart.

27. From The Bath To The Store

Most Walmarts are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You never have to worry about those doors closing or being rushed out before you get what you need. All that makes me wonder why this woman was in such a rush.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

It looks like she dived right out of the shower, through on her robe, slipped on the crocs and sprinted out the front door. We can just picture speeding all the way to Walmart, cutting corners and running red lights. We really can’t imagine why anyone would be in such a rush to go to a Walmart.

28. Getting Some Shut Eye

Walmarts can be big and confusing, especially if you’re an elderly person. This has been mapping through his local Walmart for almost two decades now. Sometimes workers find him camping in the outdoors section or just napping on a couch.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

While you might think that this guy is a special case, word has it that there are many folks who have gotten lost in their local Walmart. Some Walmarts have whole communities of live-in shoppers. They’ve been in Walmart for so long that they can’t even picture life outside of the store. They manage to sleep where they can and survive on a diet of cola and Ritz crackers.

29. Accident Waiting To Happen

If you haven’t guessed it by now, Walmart shoppers aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are a lovable bunch of butter knives. While usually the fun is innocent and harmless, being a butter knife definitely comes with its downside.

People Of Walmart/Tumblr

Walmarts are rarely not packed, considering this woman’s cart situation, we can totally imagine her causing a world of chaos in the store. Well…..she’ll at least add to the chaos that’s always usually there. At the end of the day, Walmart is rarely a place that we ever want to be. However, do we really want to live in a world without Walmart?

30. Red, White, and Ew

Is there anybody out there who loves the United States more than this man? It’s a safe bet to go ahead and guess that there is not. We would say that this man wears his patriotism right there on his sleeve, but in fact, that seems to be the only place where he has not shown his love for his country thanks to this outfit.

Twitter/People of Walmart

But when it comes to this fully star-spangled outfit, we have to at least praise this man’s logic. After all, it is hard to match a red, white, and blue outfit with anything. So why go only halfway with that color scheme?

Sources: TwitterPeople of Walmart

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