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Yep. You really can make money doing that.

For many of us, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping our personal finances in order. Between paying the rent or mortgage, buying enough food for the entire family, and the stream of bills lining our mailboxes, many people could stand to make a few extra bucks. While picking up a part-time job seems to be the obvious answer, what do you do if you simply don’t have the time?

Maybe you’re already juggling one job with the challenge of being a full-time student or have a family that demands your attention as soon as you get off of work each night. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps its time to get a little creative. Whether you’re looking for a one-time windfall or a job you can do on your own time, these weird ways of making extra money are sure to get your creative gears in motion.

One-time payout Ideas

Looking to make extra money to pay off a bill or buy holiday gifts? There are plenty of ways to score cash that don’t involve taking a long-term job. Need a haircut? Believe it or not, you can actually turn it into a payday.

Check out this hair price calculator to see how much wigmakers would be willing to pay for your extra locks. If you’re a woman who recently gave birth, you can even sell your breast milk to other hungry babies. Then, of course, there’s plasma donation, which can earn you up to $50 per donation.


Focus groups are also a great way to earn some extra cash as long as you’re able to find legitimate ones. Make sure you research any market research site or group before joining, paying special attention to their payment policy. Sites like FindFocusGroups are a good place to find in-person focus groups in your area, many of which payout between $100- $300 per group.

If you’re attempting to raise money for a specific purchase, then you may be in luck if they sell it on Amazon. The site’s trade-in program will pay you in Amazon credits for your old books, games, electronics, and more.

Out of the box side hustles

Looking to increase your cash flow on a more long term basis? Fear not, for there are plenty of off the wall ways to make money with a good side hustle. For instance, there are several companies that will pay you to turn your car into one big rolling ad. Companies like Carvertise will even wrap and remove the ad for you and pay between $300- $1,200 for each campaign.

If you’re currently enrolled in college, then there may be a variety of side hustles available for you right on campus. If you’re not the shy type, then head over to the art department and ask if they’re hiring life models.

If so, they’ll pay you to pose for art students as they sketch you in various states of undress. Some medical departments also recruit actors to play “patients” so that their students can practice diagnosing them.

No matter what your talents or skills are, it’s definitely worth your time to check out sites like Fiverr or Rover in the quest for extra cash. Fiverr is sort of like an advertising hub for freelancers who do everything from design websites to create content for blogs and websites.

Rover, on the other hand, is the perfect place to advertise if you love hanging out with animals. Whether you’re willing to dog, cat, or house sit, it’s a great place to hook up with people who are looking for pet sitters while they’re away.

Last but not least, there’s always Craigslist’s “etc.” category in the job section. There you’ll find all sorts of wacky side hustles that can net you extra cash!

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