Unsplash / Patrick Tomasso

So many people get up and go to work at a job that they hate. In a lot of cases, they hate their job because they’re just not engaged. Eventually, they’ll quit. When someone quits their job it could be for any number of reasons. It could be because of poor management or lousy pay. It could even be due to bad scheduling. However, research has discovered that the number one reason that individuals quit their job is due to a lack of appreciation from management. Following behind that is lack of recognition. It is actually mind-boggling to know that companies are losing out on good employees because they won’t give them a simple “good job.”

For many people, showing appreciation and giving recognition comes naturally. Yet, for others, there are barriers that prevent them from doing so as easily. Some things you learn from experience. If your supervisor or manager wasn’t shown appreciation growing up, they won’t know how to show it to others. It is the same in their career as well. There is a cycle of employees not feeling appreciated that reaches back many years. More than likely, your supervisor has gone through their workdays with no one expressing how much they’re appreciated. As a result, they won’t see it necessary to share it with those coming behind them if they haven’t had it. Once they get over those barriers and start implementing some praise and recognition they’ll be in for a treat!

Individual rewards

Showing employees recognition can really boost morale in the workplace. People want to know that their hard work is being noticed. It doesn’t require anything elaborate like an awards ceremony. Small acts of recognition can go a long way. Doing something small like paying for an employee’s lunch or giving a small gift card to their favorite restaurant will go far.

Group incentives

If you have a number of employees doing awesome work individual monetary rewards may not be feasible. There are still plenty of ways to let your entire team feel the love. If you’re able, have lunch catered for everyone one day. Another option is to let everyone leave early on a Friday afternoon while you stay back and hold down the fort. You could even get personal and simply write a thank you card.

Proper balance

It is important that management doesn’t reward employees for the most minute of accomplishments. No one should get something for simply showing up for work. That is what their salary is for. Instead, supervisors want to make sure they are rewarding employees for going above and beyond when it wasn’t necessary. It is important to have purposeful recognition. The best thing management can do is to identify goals and behaviors that will lead to great results. When those goals are achieved and good behaviors are apparent then bring on the recognition!


Providing various incentives to employees is a true investment. In some cases, the company may not have the money to fund different reward programs or incentives. That is where the supervisor will have to get creative and step up. They may have to even dig in their own pocket. Yet, it is definitely worth the investment. Investing in your team to boost morale and comradery will lead to great results in the end. It’s totally worth it! If you’re an employee that is thinking about leaving your current job because of lack of recognition, speak with your supervisor. Maybe they are unaware of how it is affecting employees. They can’t fix what they don’t know. No matter who you are or what you do, everyone deserves to feel appreciated.