Sooner or later, we are all going to have to retire. Have you started to consider where you’d like to retire to? It’s an important decision: where to spend most of your remaining golden years. There are a lot of factors to consider: cost of living, access to affordable healthcare, etc. as well as personal things like being close to family and friends. The best state to retire in currently, by many expert opinions, is Arkansas!

Factors to consider

Even a little research into choosing where to retire will result in a lot of different factors to think about. Lists of considerations range from just a few things to almost two dozen! Generally, the most important thing to think about when retiring is the cost of living in a state. Most retired people on a fixed income, so plan ahead, look at your budget and what you can reasonably afford. The less money you spend on essentials like rent/mortgage, utilities, etc., the more money you will have to enjoy yourself!

Other important factors include personal safety and affordability of and access to healthcare. Many retirees need or are going to need frequent visits to medical professionals. That makes being near those professionals a necessity, and something you really need to consider when choosing where to retire. Having that care be affordable to you is also critical! You can also never be too safe, especially in your golden years when criminals see the elderly as an easier mark. Consider the rate of crime in whatever state you are thinking of retiring in to ensure your safety.

While affordability, safety, and health care should be the primary concerns for all retirees, they alone don’t ensure happiness in your new place. Plentiful entertainment, education opportunities, ability to invest in the community and more are all good things to thing consider to make certain you will always have something to do with your time. Also, consider your access to travel, so you can visit or be visited by your family whenever you like!

Why choose Arkansas?

So why is Arkansas the best state to retire in? Well, the biggest reason is the low cost of living: 17% below the United States’ average! The average cost of health care is also incredibly low; Arkansas has the third-lowest cost of health care for retired couples among all the states. While Arkansas has a decent amount of crime if averaged over the entire state, there are plenty of cities while actually fall well below the national average for violent crimes, making them perfect places to retire to. So, by our three main criteria for a good place to retire in: safety, affordable and accessible healthcare, and low cost of living, Arkansas ranks very high. While other states may beat it in a single factor, no other state can boast as high scores across all three areas.

Arkansas also has a great deal to offer in terms of things to do! “The Natural State,” as Arkansas is sometimes called, has many opportunities for retirees to remain active into their golden years. Whether you would enjoy soaking in a natural hot spring, fishing the wild rivers, or taking a sedate hike through the mountains and forests, there is plenty of natural splendor to be found. All that nature also has a plethora of health benefits: clean air, staying active, lots of sunshine… These are key factors to happiness and health!

Really the only downside to retiring in Arkansas is the somewhat-higher-than-average taxes on retirees. However, this really only affects those who are still collecting $75,000 or more per year during their retirement, so most of us would not be too inconvenienced by the tax rates.