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Man’s best friend

As they say, the dog is man’s best friend. So who wouldn’t want to go to the gym with their best friend? Most gyms aren’t dog-friendly, but fortunately for some, there is the occasional gym that will let patrons bring their pets in. One guy took advantage of that in a hilarious way.

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This guy’s adorable dog doesn’t want his owner to stretch alone! The two are getting a great warm-up in before the workout starts, and the dog is even looking at the camera for the picture! There couldn’t be better timing, and this guy will probably get this picture framed and place it somewhere in his house.

Missed a spot

Attire is a big part of gym culture. Some gym-goers like to make themselves known, wearing cut0ff shirts and shorts that show off their physique. Others like to cover themselves up, wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. Matching can also be an important part of a gym outfit, as people like to look their best when they see themselves in the gym mirror.

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But what happens when someone mixes and matches? This girl appears to have gone for an all-black ensemble, but she forgot to change out her shoes! With bright-pink shoes, this girl is now going to draw way more attention than she probably intended to.


McDonald’s is best known for being one of the unhealthier fast food restaurants in the United States, which means Ronald McDonald probably isn’t a shining example of fitness excellence. But that doesn’t mean the McDonald’s mascot doesn’t get his pump on every once in a while! In one picture, he was spotted working on his physique at a local gym.

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Look at that man bench! It looks like McDonald has a 45-pound plate on each side of the bar, which means he’s putting up a cool 135 pounds without the help of a spotter. He might only eat Big Macs, but McDonald might work out enough to actually be in good shape!

Here, kitty kitty!

Imagine you’re working out at the gym, only to turn around and see a cat right behind you! Only it’s not a cat, it’s actually a workout singlet that has a giant cat face on the back of it. It’s a weird wardrobe selection by this guy, that’s for sure! It’s cute, but it’s also equally shocking when you don’t expect it.

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At some point, someone needs to step in and let this guy know his wardrobe selection is a bit strange — right? But who knows, maybe this guy is just a huge cat enthusiast. As the saying goes, to each their own.

Cheating on cardio

It’s been said before, but cardio is not fun. Most people will do anything to get out of running, jogging, or biking. Even when there are TV screens to watch, doing cardio in the gym is a chore. So people will think of all sorts of ways to get out of doing their exercise.

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This woman has found a sneaky way to trick the system: getting her cardio done on her Segway! This is a hilarious trick if it really works — it could actually be possible to sync the speed of a treadmill and a Segway to the point where the machine tracks your workout while you’re not even moving!

Leg press?

Learning how to work out can be difficult, especially considering not everyone has the money or desire to take lessons from a professional trainer. As a result, some people learn to work out on their own. But some people don’t always figure things out right away.

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This guy doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. It looks like he’s trying to do the leg press, but he’s using the squat rack to do it! This doesn’t seem very safe, and it seems fairly obvious that this isn’t a situation someone wants to be in at the gym. Next time, he should ask a trainer if he’s doing it right!

Too tall

Doing cardio isn’t always fun, which is why many gyms purchase stationary bikes and other equipment that have TV screens. Unfortunately, a machine in one local gym doesn’t have any form of entertainment. Additionally, the gym’s ceiling is so low that it’s hard for tall people to fit on the machine! This makes for quite the predicament.

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What are you supposed to do if you’re tall but you want to do cardio? There’s only one solution here: Move the ceiling tile so you can stick your head through! If this guy wants to be really resourceful, he should get the gym to put a TV screen above the ceiling tiles so he has something to watch!

Baby on board

Some gyms offer a service where they can take care of patrons’ kids for a small fee. But not every gym has that luxury. So in the case that your babysitter cancels at the last minute, what are you supposed to do — not go to the gym? Some people have found other solutions to that potential problem.

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This guy won’t let anything stop him from getting his pump on! No babysitter? No problem! He’ll just make it his own personal “Bring Your Baby to the Gym Day.” Not only does he get to spend more quality time with his baby, but it also adds a couple pounds for an even better workout!

Plate hoarding

Some people at the gym think they’re the strongest people in the room. Some are so confident that they might believe they’re the strongest people on Earth. One guy in this gym definitely has that attitude, as he’s loaded dozens of 45-pound plates onto the leg press machine.

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People in this gym don’t seem to be very happy with this guy! Not only is it virtually impossible for any human to actually leg press this amount of weight, but it’s extremely rude to take all of the gym’s big weights. This picture might quench that guy’s ego, but he could seriously hurt himself trying to leg press all this weight!

Pregame squats

Most gym trainers emphasize the importance of choosing the proper footwear to work out in. Some people will spend upwards of hundreds of dollars to pick out the perfect shoe for their workout. But to others, footwear isn’t as important as just getting a workout in every so often.

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This girl has places to be. Running shoes? Why bother? Right after her workout, this girl either has a hot date or she’s going out for a night on the town! It might make squatting a little bit harder, but saving herself that extra trip home will all be worth it when she’s the first of her friends to make it to the club after her workout.

Hamster wheel

Gyms use a variety of equipment for cardio workouts. There are treadmills, stationary bikes, stair machines, and all sorts of other equipment. But one machine that isn’t too popular is the hamster wheel. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it would be to run fast and simultaneously keep your balance while running on one of these!

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This guy clearly seems to have it down. He’s running fast and burning a ton of calories, all while pretending to be some sort of rodent creature! Sure, the hamster wheel has its downsides — it doesn’t come with a TV, for example — but it’s quite the workout!

Drax is a Niners fan

One of the villains in the popular Guardians of the Galaxy universe is Drax the Destroyer, who coincidentally looks like a purple version of the guy pictured in this image. It’s hard to find a guy who is this vascular — even at the local gym! This guy is working out so hard that he looks like he’s going to pop!

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Hey, at least now we know what football team Drax the Destroyer roots for: the San Francisco 49ers! Fun fact: The Guardians of the Galaxy character is actually played by Dave Bautista, a popular wrestler who spent decades as a member of the WWE.

Mr. Potato Head

One of the most popular American toys of all time, Mr. Potato Head is a toy that seemingly everybody had growing up, regardless of generation. And just like anybody else, sometimes Mr. Potato Head goes to the gym to work on his physique. It’s hard to keep that potato body in shape!

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All jokes aside, running on a treadmill in a Mr. Potato Head costume seems like it would be incredibly difficult! Virtually every sense — sight, touch, hearing, even smell — would be diminished in that costume, and it’s hard to imagine this guy or gal wouldn’t fall over if they actually tried to run!

Just a bit too much

Some people at the gym try to push themselves to the absolute limit when they’re getting a lift in. This can occasionally lead to injury, but more often than not it leads to poor form. One local gym patron demonstrated that perfectly when he loaded four big plates onto each side of the squat bar.

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Judging by the size of the plates, it appears as though this guy is trying to squat anywhere from 200 to 250 pounds! If he just took a couple plates off, he probably would’ve had a much better workout. Here, he looks just about five pounds away from tipping over!

Unbelievably jacked

Have you ever seen someone at the gym that looks so unbelievably muscular that you’re not quite sure it’s possible? That’s certainly been the case with anyone who has run into this fitness model at her local gym of preference. With biceps like these, this girl can take anyone on head-to-head!

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This looks like one of those photos where the girl stands in front of the guy with her hands behind her back, while the guy flexes in the background. Either that, or it’s a really good Photoshop job. Nonetheless, it’s a hilarious photo. The girl’s friends were probably shocked when they saw this picture!


Here’s another example of why you never want to put too much weight on the bar until you’re confident in your ability to do several repetitions of that particular weight. This guy is on his way to the ground, unless he manages to press the other half of that bar up above his head!

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This is a potentially dangerous situation, as the bar can fall over and injure somebody. Even the effort it takes to improperly put this weight up can cause an injury to the back, or several other parts of the body. Hopefully this guy gets a late surge of strength, otherwise he might be in some trouble!

Mental gymnastics

People work on all sorts of muscle groups at the gym, but virtually no one works out the most important muscle in the body: the brain. Well, that is, virtually no one except for this guy. He may not be solving a crossword puzzle, but this old-timer has still figured out a way to work out his cranium.

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This guy is playing chess while everybody else at the gym is playing checkers. Mental strength tops physical strength every day of the week. Then again, it really just looks like this guy doesn’t know how to use the machine. It actually looks like what he’s doing is pretty strenuous on the neck!

Can’t be bothered

Running on the treadmill can get tedious. Sometimes, people would rather just take a seat and watch TV. And what better way to relax than pop a lawn chair right down on the treadmill. Sure, it becomes fairly obvious you’re not working out when you sit on the treadmill — but who cares? This girl can’t be bothered.

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Who knows why someone would put a chair on the treadmill — you can’t really let the treadmill run with a chair on it, or the chair will fall off. So you’re not really hiding the fact that you’re not working out. But at least it’s comfortable, right?

Mario Kart

This photo makes a pretty obscure reference, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. In the popular Mario Kart video game series, racers see a floating turtle on top of a cloud as they enter the final lap of the race. One gym-goer decided to dress up as that character and encourage runners at his gym.

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This guy is totally nailing it! Anyone who has played Mario Kart will instantly recognize the character and the sign. And it looks like this guy’s encouragement is paying off. The guy running behind him looks like he’s really moving! But the joke’s on the guy in the costume, because it might not be the last lap this guy ends up running.

Reading reps

An important part of the body that most people don’t get to work out at the gym is the eyes. Whether it’s cardio or weight lifting, most workouts just don’t include a whole lot of visual stimulation. This guy wants to change that. He’s doing 10 reps of reading a thick book!

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OK, so reading at the gym isn’t all that original. People read on the stationary bike, for one. But the way this guy is curled up with a book on top of a workout bench is hilarious! Who knows if he even came to work out — after all, he’s wearing cargo shorts at the gym!

Getting a quick lift in

Everybody who goes out to the club wants to look good when they’re there. And not everyone has the time to set aside for a proper workout. So why not just get a quick lift in before you head out on the town? That’s what this girl decided to do, and she looks great doing it!

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We’ve seen a dress and we’ve seen heels, but a dress and heels in the same outfit at the gym? This girl is really ready for her night out! She might just put up a few reps on the bench and walk right out of the gym. And who can blame her? There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Arching the back

The bench press is a difficult workout. It’s an exercise that involves a lot of technique, which means it can be difficult to learn. To do the bench press properly, you need to know how much to arch your back — it can’t be too little, and it can’t be too much.

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So this guy clearly has a ways to go before he masters his technique! Rumor has it that looking at this picture for more than 30 seconds will throw out your back. For the sake of this guy’s health, hopefully his spotter lets him know he shouldn’t arch his back so much.

Perfect splits

Plenty of gym-goers end up using equipment in ways that it’s not designed for. But although we’ve seen all kinds of equipment misuses, not many compare to what one woman attempted with a pull-up machine at a local gym. Other gym patrons were shocked to see her hanging from the top of the machine the way she did.

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In most cases where gym equipment is misused, the user ends up looking like a fool. But here, this girl is showing off some incredible flexibility! Sure, she’s using the machine the wrong way — but she deserves some credit for her impressive stretch, no?

Sloppy spotter

When you’re lifting heavy weights, it’s important to have a spotter, or someone who is prepared to help in case you’re unable to lift the weight. Some spotters are better than others, as evidenced by the guy in this picture. How distracted does this guy look?

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Wonder what he’s looking at! This guy’s buddy is giving his absolute all to put the weight up, but his friend is too busy checking out one of the girls lifting weights nearby! The guy doing the bench press here is probably going to call a different friend over the next time he needs a spot.

Gym Tetris

AcroYoga is a trend that has taken the fitness world by storm. In traditional yoga, participants get into a variety of poses designed to help them with breath control, meditation, and stretching their body. AcroYoga is pretty similar, but it also inserts acrobatics into the equation. It ends up looking something like what you see here.

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In this pose, the guys look like they’re playing human Tetris! It takes incredible balance and execution to be able to stack and balance on top of one another like these guys are doing. It would be pretty hard to focus on working out with these guys catching everyone’s attention like this!

30 seconds’ rest

Every gym routine incorporates rest, but the way people rest varies from person to person. Most people sit, some get a drink of water, and others … well, others mix things up. One individual took his 30-second break to a whole new level, turning heads at his local gym.

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This guy is probably the first and only person to ever put an exercise ball on top of a gym bench. It looks like he’s resting, but who knows? Maybe this is a workout in itself. After all, it looks like it would be pretty tough to balance on an exercise ball that’s on top of a gym bench.


To many people, exercise is a hobby. Working out a few times a week is a good way to spend time while not working, cooking, or doing something else. But many gym-goers have additional hobbies beyond working out. One member of a local gym has found an interesting way to incorporate one of his hobbies into another.

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Some people like to read while they’re on the stationary bike, but this guy takes his hobby to another level! Knitting while running? It’s hard to tell whether that’s a genius or terrible idea. One could imagine how hard it would be to knit while running!

Take the stairs

Part of staying in shape is learning to make the health-conscious decision. A lot of the time, that decision involves taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Because of this, most gyms have staircases inside and outside. But one gym decided to give lazy patrons an extra option.

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That’s a once-in-a-lifetime sight: an escalator in front of a gym! There’s even an escalator for patrons who don’t want to walk down the steps as they leave the gym. It’s hard to imagine why the gym owner wanted to put an escalator outside the gym, but maybe there was a reason we can’t think of.


Gym “selfies” have become more and more popular throughout the years, but the trend that was once deemed socially acceptable is now viewed as vain and obnoxious. One gym-goer has had enough with gym selfies, and he’s decided the best way to discourage the trend is to mock it.

@anEmptyDiary via Twitter

This guy has it down! The unnecessary filter, backwards hat, yoga pants, mirror effect — it’s like this guy was born to take gym selfies! He might be mocking selfie-takers, but he’s got his pose down to a T. Who knows, maybe this guy might just love taking gym selfies! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Totally pooped

On occasion, the cost of a good workout can be total exhaustion. This guy was determined to have the best workout of his life — he even brought a headband and wristbands to show how serious he was. But at the end of the workout, he couldn’t escape his fate. He was totally drained.

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In about 48 hours, this guy will feel amazing about what he was able to accomplish. But as of now, he’s too exhausted to even move. This photo looks hilarious, but it’s also a mark of progress in the right direction! So in the end, this guy is the true winner.

True enlightenment

Yoga definitely isn’t for anyone. For people with little patience, it’s difficult to sit on an a thin mat and focus. For those who aren’t blessed with the gift of flexibility, yoga can actually be physically exhausting. But to some, yoga is the perfect type of exercise.

(Photo by sturti/Getty Images)

This old timer seems to have life figured out! The only way you can meditate like that is through sheer mental fortitude. Watching him levitate in mid-air, the looks on his classmates’ faces is totally priceless! Every yoga student aspires to reach this guy’s level, but to get there it will take years of practice.

Shredded Santa

Maintaining your physical fitness is an important part of staying healthy, which means there are millions of people around the world that work out to stay in shape every day. One of those people, however, is someone most people wouldn’t expect: perhaps the most famous holiday figure of all-time.

(Photo by iStock/Getty Images)

That’s right, Santa Clause is a gym enthusiast! Saint Nick loves to exercise, and his favorite activity is the dumbbell curl. He might seem like an unlikely guy to spend time at the gym, considering his weight. However, it takes a ton of strength to fit every present on earth into a sleigh each year!

Puppy press

This might be the cutest gym picture of all-time. This adorable pug saw its owner working out at the gym and wanted to get in on the action! With some help from its owner, the pug is trying to do a bench press — using dumbbells! By the looks of it, the pug just finished a tough set.

(Photo by damedeeso/Getty Images)

All out of breath and with its paws hanging over the grip, this pug has had enough of the puppy press! If it does another set, that pug’s cute little tank top will be full of sweat. After such a tough workout, the owner better give its pet a big treat!

Kitty zen

Dogs aren’t the only animal that seems to enjoy working out. These three kittens wanted to get in on the health craze and started their own yoga class! Equipped with headbands and wristbands, this kitty litter takes its yoga very seriously! They even have customized workout tutorial posters and tiny dumbbells on the back wall of the classroom!

(Photo by AnatoliYakovenko/Getty Images)

They may look cute, but these cats are major yoga buffs. Their owners could probably learn a lesson or two by just watching their kittens practice. One day, these kittens are bound to own and operate their own yoga studio. Maybe they’ll run a class for all the animals in their area!

Not going as planned

Some gyms give athletes a space to work on training that isn’t the conventional cardio-and-weights setup. For example, one local gym has set up a pair of still rings for gymnasts to take advantage of. One girl, who doesn’t appear to be a gymnast, thought she would try it out.

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It doesn’t look like things are going as she planned them to go! Gymnastics is no joke, and it can take years of training for people to learn even the basics of the sport. Next time, she should look around and see if there’s a trainer who can give her a couple of pointers.

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