Need some extra cash? A working smartphone, a strong WiFi connection, some free time, and maybe a car are all you’ll need to take on these five jobs. They’re flexible and work great for students, stay-at-home moms, or as a side hustle that is a counterpart to almost any kind of regular employment. Even better, these gigs are completely mobile. You can choose to do them from your living room and can travel anywhere without disrupting the revenue stream that they bring.

App tester

If you love to download apps that give you new ways to use your smartphone, this job is for you. You are likely the type of person who is very aware of what you like to see (and what really irks you) when you’re downloading or using an app. This makes you the perfect candidate to provide developers with feedback that makes their final product more likely to be downloaded, used, and highly rated by potential customers.

What’s in it for you? App testers get early access to new technology and are paid for their time, though sometimes payment only happens through gift cards. Experience in QA can help land a job but isn’t generally required for new hires. A quick google search on the term “app testers” can provide options for companies that are looking for employees.


There are a lot of ways that people with extra time and a reliable vehicle can make money. Rideshare services like Uber or Lyft and any number of food delivery services like DoorDash are looking for people with extra time to make some quick cash. These jobs are flexible and the money they bring in can add up quickly, especially if you’re able to work during designated times when drivers are more in-demand. Employees generally enjoy the opportunity to get to know their community and, in the case of drivers for rideshare services, to meet new people.

Pay for these jobs can be low to moderate, depending on where and how often you drive. A recent article, for example, indicated that full-time rideshare drivers make an average of $36,535 a year without benefits. Also, if you’re considering these jobs, it is a good idea to be conscious of how many miles you are driving and the wear and tear the extra use is placing on your vehicle. If you drive enough, the maintenance costs can offset your earnings, decreasing profits you’re getting from your time.

Social media nano-influencer

If you’re a savvy user of social media, can competently take interesting photos, and love to keep your followers up to date on what you’re up to, you may be able to transfer these skills into some cash. A huge social media following isn’t required, either. There are a lot of brands who are looking to connect with nano-influencers who may not have a lot of followers but who are highly regarded by those that they connect with.

The road to earning money as an influencer starts by choosing a platform (Instagram? Tick Tock? YouTube?) and then developing your content. Pick something that you are passionate about, which will make you more relatable and interesting to your audience. Once you know what you want to focus on, begin creating your feed. Content doesn’t have to be slick or perfect-looking but should be professional, relatable, fun, and provide a benefit to your followers. As your followers grow, reach out to brands that could be a match with your audience. You can also reach out to a brand influence agency to connect you with sponsors.

Survey taker

Here’s a job that you can easily fit into the smallest moments of downtime, when you’re waiting for a friend, feeling fidgety when you’re watching TV, or have a half hour at home before running an errand. Doing this is never going to bring in a huge amount of extra money but the people who do it find it fun and interesting. The small amounts of extra cash can add up, paying for small splurges or that extra trip to the coffee shop. You also can have the satisfaction of knowing that your opinion is being heard and may influence the development of a product or service.

Helping others with their chores

There are plenty of people out there who are looking to whittle down their to-do list or don’t want to spend all of their weekend hours doing tasks. If you have some time to do any number of odd jobs like moving furniture, walking dogs, building IKEA items, or completing a home repair project, you can earn some quick extra money. Rates vary from just a few dollars to a hundred dollars for each job and tasks can be completed relatively quickly. The skills you need for the work vary but it is likely that you can find something to fit what you can do. Apps like TaskRabbit can help you to source jobs matching what you can do with people who need it.

Will these jobs affect my taxes?

The quick answer to this question is generally, yes. As you consider engaging in smartphone-based employment, be aware that you will likely need to pay taxes on your income, however, expenses, mileage, vehicle maintenance or expenses for any equipment you use, may be deductible and could offset your tax burden. If you have questions, consult an accountant or tax expert for advice.