Everyone’s had a bad day, week, or month at the office, but most of the time they’re just unpleasant experiences that you can live through. However, sometimes there are warning signs that your current job is no longer the best fit. How can you tell the difference? We’ve got a short list of red flags that indicate you’re likely headed for a change. These signs have to do with more than just the manager you report to or being passed over for an assignment you wanted. They’re about how to match your skills, experience, and personality with the best employer for you.

Your work tasks aren’t challenging you any longer

Let’s face it, your job is basically made up of a series of tasks that you do on a regular basis, sometimes repeated each day or week. If you’re not excited about the individual tasks you’re doing, it stands to reason that you’re not excited about your overall job either. Maybe you’ve been doing them for a long time and they’ve become second nature. Maybe they were never your dream tasks in the first place. Regardless of the reason, if you’re not thrilled with what you’re doing regularly you’re probably going to be moving on.

You can’t stop venting about work

Everyone shares their workday with their family and family once the day has ended. But take a minute and listen to what you’re sharing. If it is extremely negative most of the time, that should tell you something — your work is getting to you. Your loved ones don’t need the negativity but more importantly, neither do you. If you’re in a toxic environment that is so bad you can’t stop talking about it, you’re probably going to move on soon.

You’re watching the clock and procrastinating

One of the most common signs that you’re job has lost its thrill is that you’re procrastinating and watching the clock. Sure, everyone does this from time to time. Maybe you’ve got exciting plans after work or you’re about to go on vacation. Or maybe you’re the type of person that procrastinates because ultimately you work better under pressure. But if you notice you’re doing these regularly they may be a sign that you should work elsewhere.

You dread going to work

Lots of people don’t look forward to going to work and these feelings can particularly peak on Sunday nights, after a holiday, or after a vacation. It’s understandably hard to go back to the grind after you’ve spent quality time decompressing with friends or family. Dreading going to work is different, however. In these extreme cases, not wanting to go to work means a feeling of anxiety that regularly keeps you up at night, affects you every Sunday evening or casts an enduring shadow on an otherwise great time away from your job. If this is happening, talk to someone you trust and consider finding another employer.

You’ve been contacted by a headhunter

There’s nothing like contact from a headhunter that increases the chance that you’ll move on to a new employer. If you’re on their radar, that means you’ve done a good job developing marketable skills and you have a good reputation in your industry. You’re wanted and there is every possibility that you could be earning a higher salary and more perks. It’s also possible that your current employer may have gotten used to having you around or can’t offer you the salary or responsibility that you need for your career. If this is the situation and you’re getting noticed by the outside world, a job move might be best for your career.