30. Spider-Man 3

Some movies deserve their awful rating. These movies trespass on climactic grounds they they just never should. The result is a movie that is impossible to watch without a hefty dose of cringing.  


Spider-Man 3 is one of these films. While the first two were actually well received, the last one was not. Because of how abhorrently bad it is, the film is worth a watch — it’s one of those “so bad it’s good” movies. It’s also appropriate to note the surprisingly high score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. Very suspect … 

29. The Sandlot

The Sandlot is one of those movies that is often mentioned as formative. Many remember the movie as one that helped to contextualize their childhood, putting their feelings and questions into some sort of childhood coherence. Rotten Tomatoes looked at the movie differently.  


According to the reviewers from Rotten Tomatoes, the movie was only worth a paltry 61% rating. While this does place the movie out of the lowly 50% range, it doesn’t seem fitting for a movie we all liked as much as we did. 

28. Deep Blue Sea

There are some scenes in movies that we just can’t help but love. In Deep Blue Sea, that scene was when Samuel L. Jackson was (spoiler alert) eaten by a giant shark after a dutifully inspiring speech. Anyway, this gem aside, the movie was fairly well received and liked by many. 


As always, Rotten Tomatoes likes to have its own opinions. Here, it decided to give Deep Blue Sea a deeply disappointing rating of 60% on its “Tomatometer.” While not as terrifying as the shark portrayed in the films, the actors were undoubtedly displeased. 

27. The Mummy

What’s not to like about Brendan Fraser? Well, these reviewers clearly found some things. While the actor gave us such gems as George of the Jungle and Bedazzled, his work in another blockbuster movie, The Mummy, was poorly received by critics.


But it seemed to only be the Rotten Tomatoes critics that had a problem with the movie. For whatever reason, they decided to give the movie a splat of 60%. While not the worst, the rating doesn’t seem fitting for a movie we all liked as much as we did.

26. Spaceballs

Spaceballs, unlike a few of the other movies on this list, was a little weirder than it was commercial. Still, however, the movie’s sense of humor in conjunction with its somewhat unpredictable tenor earned it notoriety among many. 


Unfortunately, this notoriety didn’t earn it much favor among those over at Rotten Tomatoes. Rather, the site decided to give the movie 59%. While the reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes are unfavorable, this doesn’t mean that people won’t continue to flock to the film for a good laugh. 

25. A Knight’s Tale

A Knight’s Tale is likely one of those movies you saw but didn’t quite understand. The movie was equal parts entertaining and over-the-top. But this isn’t always a bad mixture. In fact, sometimes it’s just what we want.


And what rating did Rotten Tomatoes decide to give this movie? A stupendous 58%. While high in respect to some of the other movies on this list, the rating is questionable to us. 

24. Taken

While Liam Neeson has had a variable career, starring in films like the first Star Wars prequel and Batman Begins, he experienced a second wind with the film Taken. The community of Rotten Tomatoes reviewers, however, didn’t like it all that much. 


In total, the movie got a rating of around 58%. That’s fairly low for a movie that grossed around $930 million. So — while not critically acclaimed by reviewers — we, the audience, didn’t really care. 

23. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson is one of those people with a cult following. Here’s how it goes: He makes a movie, his fans clamor for it, and the movie is then fairly well received. This is, unfortunately for Mr. Anderson, not how Rotten Tomatoes felt about The Life Aquatic


Over at Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers decided to give the film a very low 56% rating. In the Colosseum of Rome, this was likely tantamount to giving the loser a thumbs-down of death. Anyway, the movie was still well received by fans, despite this atypically horrendous rating. 

22. Step Brothers

There are few movies that induce us into uncontrollable laughter like Step Brothers. With scenes like the performance at the Catalina Wine Mixer, it’s difficult to name a movie more deserving of our praise. So what’s going on over at Rotten Tomatoes?


Rotten Tomatoes decided to give the movie a sad 55%. So, in all of that laughter there was something apparently unworthy of acclaim. Yet still, audiences will continue to view this movie where laughs are bountiful. 

21. Die Hard with a Vengeance

Die Hard with a Vengeance was one of those movies that breaks traditional molds around action films. While yes, the movie was an action film, it was an action film with a deeper plot and more interesting storyline. Still, Rotten Tomatoes didn’t care. 


While the first two installments of the series fared well with RT’s reviewers, the third installment did not. This addition to the series was hit with an abysmally low 52% score. While some might say this isn’t the worst, it is still pretty bad for one of the Die Hard movies. 

20. The Fountain

It’s difficult to imagine a movie starring Hugh Jackman doing poorly. Yet, with the movie The Fountain, this is exactly how Rotten Tomatoes saw things. While the movie was certainly weird, showcasing a nonlinear timeline with, well, a lot of other nonlinear things, it was interesting to say the least. 


Rotten Tomatoes decided that the movie would earn 52%. That’s pretty low. While Jackman has had so much success that this partial flop doesn’t really stain his career, it’s something to ponder. 

19. Miami Vice

Miami Vice is one of those movies that’s raw, gritty, and taps into something reminiscent of Blow, starring Johnny Depp. The movie, in other words, isn’t your standard cop-hero thriller. The piece feels more interesting. Rotten Tomatoes didn’t feel that way. 


In the eyes of the reviewers from Rotten Tomatoes, the movie really only deserved a 47% rating. Yikes. We bet that Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx weren’t great fans of that. Regardless, the film takes bizarre turns that makes it thrilling. Contrary to Rotten Tomatoes, we recommend you give it a try. 

18. National Treasure

Most of us thought National Treasure was one of the more sane movies of superstar actor Nicolas Cage’s career. But beyond that, we actually thought the movie was pretty good. Besides the conspiratorial and perhaps slightly cheesy nature of the film, we like it. But did Rotten Tomatoes? 


The website certainly did not. With an astoundingly low 46% rating, RT tore this film apart. This bleak fact, while not making the slightest dent in Cage’s career, didn’t stop us from loving it. And so, the movie became a three-part series. 

17. Bad Boys

Considering that the two Bad Boys movies have recently earned a reboot, you’d be hard-pressed to think that the former two movies did not perform well. But, if you look at Rotten Tomatoes, that is exactly the impression you would get. 


Rotten Tomatoes decided to give the first (and arguably the best) of the series a rating of 43%. While it might be deeply upsetting to many of you — including myself — the film will always have a place in our action-loving hearts. Bad boys for life. 

16. Space Jam

There are probably few of us out there who are unfamiliar with the film Space Jam. Taking Michael Jordan at his peak, putting him into a movie with a bunch of famous cartoon characters, and letting them play basketball couldn’t possibly be a bad idea. Rotten Tomatoes seems to disagree. 


Rotten Tomatoes gave this timeless movie the sad score of 43%. Considering that most of us loved this movie during our childhood, it’s a shame to see it receive such a sad score. But, to be fair, that score never really stopped us from liking the film. 

15. Tommy Boy

There was a spate of movies in the ’90s that could easily be classified as “dumb” humor. Still, we harbored some sort of sick interest in these. They were endearing, self-deprecating, and other combinations of things that we didn’t mind. This is strongly exemplified by Tommy Boy


But despite being a movie that perhaps helped to define this genre, Rotten Tomatoes decided that it needed a good bombardment: They chose to rate it with 42%. Sad. Anyway, the film still has a place in our hearts. 

14. Reign of Fire

With a cast consisting of Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler, it’s difficult to see how the movie wouldn’t be well received. Yet, even with these stars, Reign of Fire was rated as something half-abysmal. 


For Rotten Tomatoes, the film deserved a lowly score of 42%. Maybe it didn’t see the film as an early precursor to the Game of Thrones series. Whatever it is, they didn’t give the film that rating we felt in hearts was true. 

13. Equilibrium

Sometimes a movie comes along with such an interesting plot that we are glued to the screen, despite how stilted or terrible some of the acting may be. And this is partly the case with Equilibrium


The movie, starring Christian Bale and Sean Bean, among others, is equal parts weird and interesting. But Rotten Tomatoes didn’t see it that way. Rather, they saw it as worthy of around a 40% score. Sorry, Equilibrium. At least we liked you. 

12. Man on Fire

Denzel Washington is one of those superstar actors where many of the films he touches turn to blockbuster gold. With Man on Fire, this was only half the case. While most of us in the audience liked the film, the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes are more difficult to please. 


For them, the movie only deserved a 39% rating. Ouch. Still, Washington moves on, as do we, the audience. We’re happy with the film, so we’re willing to ignore the stooges over at RT. We happen to like the action flick. 

11. Saw II

The movie Saw helped to start a genre. While that genre is discombobulating, cringey, and violent, it still did its thing. While some of us (many of us, actually) don’t have the stomach for such violence, we can’t blame it for doing what it did. 


Rotten Tomatoes, however, was not a fan of the series. The second installment, for instance, received a very low 37% rating. Audiences, however, didn’t feel it deserved such a low rating, showing up in higher audience score numbers for the disturbing film. 

10. Super Troopers

There are few movies that become something of a cult classic overnight like Super Troopers. Full of timeless and unforgettable jokes, this movie has won its way into our hearts like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. 


But unlike cardiac arrest, we actually enjoyed Super Troopers. Despite our views, Rotten Tomatoes exists in a world of its own. Rather than give it the rating we feel it deserves, it gave it the paltry rating of 35%. No love. 

9. Silent Hill

Silent Hill, the adaptation of the popular and timeless video game series, was an interesting movie. Mixing horror with confusion, the film teetered on the edge of almost-too-much-to-bear violence and grit. 


The dystopian thriller was, however, well received by audiences. So, when Rotten Tomatoes threw a sad 31% at it, we were fairly surprised. Again, though, our tastes often are not dictated by the score of the Tomatoes. 

8. Jupiter Ascending

There are, as we all well know, films that often don’t deserve the hour-and-a-half or two we dedicate to them. But some, however, are so awful that we need to watch them. This can be said of Jupiter Ascending


The movie, nearly as stilted as could be, received almost unanimously poor ratings. Rotten Tomatoes, predictably, gave the movie a score of 27%. But while reviled by critics, audiences everywhere flocked to see the bad movie. A silver lining, we might say. 

7. The Room

Here we are, at what might possibly be the worst movie ever made: The Room. And for just this reason, most of us had to go out and see it. So, even though critics everywhere might rate the film terribly, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have to see it for ourselves. 


Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a surprisingly high 25%. Considering just how awful the movie was, that’s amazing. But still, this movie has earned the title of one of the worst movies ever made. Astonishingly, it was so adored and abhorred that there was recently a film made about it: The Disaster Artist. What is wrong with the world?

6. The Happening

M. Night Shyamalan has created some of the most cinematically interesting movies in the past several decades. The Sixth Sense, for instance, was unanimously adored by critics and laymen. The same can’t be said for one of his later-career moves: The Happening


Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a fitting 18%. Yet, despite this low rating, many of us still flocked to see the movie. While it might have felt weird, forced, and stilted, we still enjoyed Marky Mark in all of his rants about bees. 

5. Judge Dredd

Sylvester Stallone has had his fair share of successful films. Many of these can meet the classification of awful-yet-good. And this is exactly what we would say of Judge Dredd. We loved it. Rotten Tomatoes did not. 

JUDGE DREDD, from left: Sylvester Stallone, Christopher Adamson, 1995, © Buena VistaJUDGE DREDD, from left: Sylvester Stallone, Christopher Adamson, 1995, © Buena Vista

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a nasty score of 17%. That is so low that it is shocking, especially for someone who starred in Rocky. Anyway, this rating didn’t stop us from loving the movie. And love it we will continue to do. 

4. Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy was another of those films that entered the world of raunch to create a classic comedy with multiple one-liners that we would love for generations to come. This isn’t the type of movie, however, that Rotten Tomatoes likes to favorably review. 


Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an appalling score of 16%. It seems as if some things are too upsetting for the reviewers over at RT. Anyway, this hasn’t stopped us from watching the movie. Sorry, Rotten Tomatoes. 

3. Batman & Robin

Some of us liked the movie Batman & Robin. The star-studded cast in itself makes the movie worthy of attention. But even more than that, it cast none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger at his prime. 


Still, this wasn’t enough for Rotten Tomatoes. The ratings site gave the odd cult classic a sad 11%. While not too much of a blow to the egos of those on set, it’s just another testament to how our opinion can differ from RT. 

2. Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler is known to have had a peak. We all loved movies like The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore. However, as Sandler’s career progressed through further decades, he would encounter a little less enthusiasm from audiences and critics alike. 


Rotten Tomatoes captures this. For Jack and Jill, one of Sandler’s mid-2000s ventures, Rotten Tomatoes gave it an abysmal 3% rating. It’s hard to get lower than that. Still, for those of us out there with a little sadism, movies this bad are still enjoyable to watch. 

1. Battlefield Earth

Some movies are so bad they should have never been made. Others, however, are so bad that they should have been made just so we can see how bad a movie can actually be. This is the case for Battlefield Earth


Battlefield Earth was lucky enough to feature John Travolta. Still, this was not enough to carry the movie into anybody’s favor. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 3% score. While we’re tempted to agree, that doesn’t mean we can’t watch it.